Five Tips To Finding an Inexpensive Flight On Your Next Trip

Five Tips To Finding an Inexpensive Flight On Your Next Trip

Finding an inexpensive flight


We have all been there. Visiting travel agencies, asking friends, and searching tirelessly through the web for attractive and inexpensive flight deals. The reality of traveling is that although you may be able to reach the destination you initially had in mind, your flight budget always seems to find a way to be pushed further and further away from what you had originally planned.

It doesn’t stop there. Airline prices have been on the rise, and on average, travelers spend roughly 44% of their traveling funds getting to, from, and around their destinations. You should be able to find an affordable flight without having to constantly worry about your budget. Here are five tips to finding a less expensive flight to your destination:


1. Weekdays are your best friend

In general, airlines usually have less expensive prices on weekdays. However, a notable trend is that airlines discount their fares and launch flight sales Tuesday through Thursday. This is not always the case, but a great way to begin saving money is taking a look through the whole month and seeing which days fit best within your budget.


2. Look far ahead or right below you

Airline tickets are less expensive several weeks in advance and as the flight date approaches, prices rise. That being said, a good time to start booking your flight is six weeks in advance. Booking ahead of time will give you more time to search for accommodations, activities in the area, prepare for your trip, and of course, find a less expensive flight. Once you purchase your ticket, make sure you take a look at the fares the next day because prices can sometimes drop after you have purchased your ticket. Depending on the airline’s policy, you may be able to get a refund! Many airlines do not publicize that they will refund you the difference if prices go down but it could be worth the phone call. On the contrary, airlines sometimes still have empty seats on a flight in the final days approaching its takeoff. If you are a thrill-seeker or love spontaneous trips, you can find an inexpensive last-minute fare at specialized websites such as


3. Find everything all at once

Depending on where you’re going, you will probably need a place to stay. Searching for deals and packages that include your flight, accommodations, and potential attractions could make saving a whole lot easier. Hotel and flight partnerships, in particular, have significantly lower prices as compared to a discounted hotel alone.


4. Look beyond the airline’s website

One of the easiest ways to find an affordable flight is simply using a website or mobile application to find deals on flights. Some popular platforms include Skyscanner, Cheapflights, TripAdvisor, Hitlist, and many others. It’s also important to cross check the price of the flight with the website that you used with the price the airline is offering by simply checking the airline’s website. On rare occasions, the airline will be offering a less expensive price than the deal website.


5. Park and Fly

If you live relatively close to the border, searching for flights in your neighbouring country and driving a small distance first could prevent your budget from crossing its border. Renting a parking space for a week at a local hotel or a Park N’ Fly station will help you save more money on your flight. Park N’ Flys are typically equipped with fenced and gated compounds and a 24/7 complimentary shuttle to get you where you need to go while keeping your car safe.


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