Courier City Inc. Goes Live!

Courier City Inc. Goes Live!


February 15, 2017 – Toronto, Canada, Vienna, Austria, Harare, Zimbabwe

Courier City Inc. (CCI), nascent narwhal targeting travellers as service providers to courier customers packages and documents between cities/airports announced today the long awaited inaugural launch of its app.

CCI has been building a website with security in mind and ease of use and wants users to feel comfortable using the platform. Anything that was deemed to be a concern to users was taken seriously and worked upon diligently to resolve any issues.

Travellers and Senders can now partner with us on their next trip and subsidize ticket costs after registering.


Earn great money to offset your trip costs. Make upto 50% of your air fare costs by offering your buggage space to a Courier City Sender.


Whenever you want it delivered, we have the solution to connect you with someone who can carry your package securely to Harare. Only pay 50% of major courier charges!

Next movement milestone: TBA, Europe & North America Cities Expansion.

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Directors S MAZUNGA (Founder) U MAZUNGA (Co-Founder)

4-757 Sheppard Ave
Toronto ON

Corp. No: 002540811