CCI Scales with Nairobi Kenya Route

CCI Scales with Nairobi Kenya Route


May 22, 2018 – Toronto, Canada, Vienna, Austria, Harare, Zimbabwe, Nairobi, Kenya

Courier City Inc. (CCI), nascent narwhal targeting travellers as service providers to courier customers packages and documents between cities/airports Board of Directors announced today the addition of Nairobi, Kenya route.

This additional route is further evidence of CCI’s commitment to deliver on its mission to make courier services more affordable, reliable and accessible to its partners.

For a comprehensive item list of packages and documents our partners can pick-up and drop-off on this expanded route, please visit CCI Prohibited Items List at and Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) at

CCI will continue to expand its routes to deliver on its mission to provide reduced international courier services and looks forward to seeing and serving you on this new route.

Should you have any questions on the expansion route or packages and documents pick-up and drop-off, please feel free to contact us.

Next movement milestone: TBA, Africa, Europe & North America Cities Scaling.

About CCI

Courier City is the Uber for international courier services! We are in the service of reducing courier fees while helping travellers earn money.

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Directors S MAZUNGA (Founder) U MAZUNGA (Co-Founder)

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